Paul+O Architects


The Wilderness, a project by Paul+O, is included in the book suffolk’s hundred best buildings by Tim Buxbaum.

The Best of Grand Designs
by Kevin McCloud
Publisher: Harper Collins
Published 11 October 2012

21st Century Architecture Designer Houses
by Mark Cleary
Published 2012
The Wilderness, Suffolk
pgs 182-183
isbn 978-1-86470-441-9

Design. The Key to a better Place
Published 2011
Call of the Wild, pgs 16-17

AICO – Architecture International Congress At OPORTO
AICO Book VI, Published 2010
Paul+O Architects, pgs 74-95, pgs 150-151

The New English Country House Exhibition Catalogue
By Neil Guy, published 2004
The Wilderness House
pgs 89-91,
isbn 0-9545884-0-1